Pastor's Note
A word from Reverend, Dr. Allison Byerley, Senior Pastor

Another year has come and gone, a new year begins! Thank you for all you have done to make 2019 a blessing to so many.
We accomplished all the goals that the leadership team set for us in January: we are financially healthy; our project to replace the south wall of the sanctuary building is funded and the A Team is working on a contract for the work; and our leadership structure better reflects our mission and vision, and we pray it will help us accomplish the work God sets before us this year.

We welcomed new members and we are blessed with young people in worship on a regular basis. Our TGIF ministry to children in our community continues to grow with more than 20 attending on a regular basis, and a strong and dedicated crew of adult servants to shepherd them. Camp Win Johnson is transitioning to a new format, which we pray will reach even more children in our community. Fun and Fellowship continues to connect people in fun, creative activities while blessing the church financially. Our Colony Shepherd program is revitalized and will help build relationships with one another. Our home bound visitation team keeps us connected to those who cannot be with us regularly in person. Our UMW continues to connect the women of the church in mission, and we are more active in district activities. Our UMM and Fix-It Team provide important fellowship for men in the church and take care of so many repairs and improvements around the church.

I see God at work among us in so many ways!! Thank you for listening for God's voice and responding to God's call.

Now we look ahead to 2020. In this issue of the newsletter you will find the roster of the leadership for 2020. There will be a planning retreat for the leadership on Saturday, January 25th, to discuss goals for the coming year. Any member of the church is welcome to come and participate. Your voice is important.

In 2019, several of you joined me in reading the Bible in one year. I know that it was a blessing. This year, we are going to take one gospel, Mark, and do a deep dive into it. Every Sunday the sermon will be from Mark, beginning with December 29th and continuing to Easter. Additionally, you will find a reading guide in the newsletter and bulletin so you can read and study the gospel at home. The readings are short and I hope that you will read them with someone and share how they speak to you.

It is hard to believe that we are beginning the 20th year of the 21st century! I know God has great plans in store for us!


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