Faithfull Readers Book Club

We will combine our November and December meeting and have chosen Crescendo by Allen Cheney and Julie Cantrell. Pastor Allison hopes to connect with Julie Cantrell and invite her to talk with us.

The Bible is God's gift to us, recording God's revelation of God's self to humans from creation to Jesus. John Wesley famously called himself a man of one book - the Bible, and as Methodists, we believe the Bible contains all that is necessary for salvation. Come and learn more about this beloved yet mysterious book in a short (4-6 week) study. We'll explore how the Bible was written, why the books are in the order they are in, why Catholic and Protestant Bibles are different, and what tools are available to enrich our understanding of scripture. We start Thursday, September 5th, at 4:30 PM in the conference room of Joe Kidd Hall. Bring your Bible and let's explore!

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