Upcoming Sermons
Reverend, Dr. Allison Byerley, Senior Pastor

audio sermons
Join us for worship each Sunday at 9:30 AM and plan to attend one of the small group studies which will be offered on 11 AM on Sundays and 5:30 PM on Wednesday.

We look forward to seeing you.


April 7 - "The Torture and Humiliation of the King" Mark 15:15-23

April 14 - Palm Sunday—"The Crucifixion" Mark 15:24-39

April 18 - Maundy Thursday—"Not My Feet" John 13:1-18, 31-35

April 19 - Good Friday—Service of Shadows and Stones

April 21 - Easter Sunday—Easter Sunrise Service—"The Three-Day God" John 20:1-18- Easter Worship Service—"Christ the Victor" Mark 16:1-6

April 28 - Holy Humor Sunday—"The Dee-Dah Day" Nehemiah 8:1-4a, 5-6, 8-10

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