Camp Win Johnson

Camp Win Johnson
The clock is going tick-tock! It's count down time for Camp Win Johnson 2019! In a little under a month, we will be in the process of starting camp at Camp Oakhurst with the youth retreat on Sunday, June 30th in the afternoon to get ready for the younger campers to join us the following morning. On Monday, July 1st the rest of the campers are to be dropped off directly at Camp Oakhurst at 9:00 a.m. and will be joining us for camp until the morning of Wednesday, July 3rd . This will be our fifth year in a row at Camp Oakhurst. It is a very special place for us – to name a few reasons … excellent camp food, a waterslide and pool, beautiful cabins with a very caring and helpful Christian staff that goes out of their way with support and assistance. Our camp curriculum this year is titled "Peace Works" published by InsideOut Christian Ministries for Outdoor Ministries.

Our fundraiser season ended on Saturday, May 18th , with great success! We made over $ 1,700.00 and I contribute this year's success of the chicken barbecue dinner, the talent show, silent auction and the new addition of the dessert auction to the hard working group of TGIF volunteers – without them this event would not have been a success – all through the year they work diligently of making new Disciples of Christ and it was very evident on the evening of this fundraiser – the students and their families showed up in full force.

Additionally - a big thanks to our kitchen crew for serving and cleaning up and a very special thanks to our barbecue chefs John Tomsick and Bill Fiske for their expertise. Thanks to all who donated to the silent auction and a special thanks to Grace and Lynn Bryant, Pastor Allison, Christina Hibert, and Judy and Tom Gibbons for making the auction happen. And a thanks to all the talented folks who participated in the talent show with a very special thanks to Beth Tomsick for putting it all together. A very special thanks to the church members who invited friends to the dinner, auction and talent show – this made it a great evening. Last, but not least – thanks for the great desserts brought for the dessert auction – this made over an extra $ 270.00 to the fund raiser!

I would like to take a moment to thank everyone who supported to make this upcoming Camp Win Johnson 2019 possible with participating in any way – praying, buying and selling See's CANDIES, helping at the rummage sales, the barbecue chicken dinner, the silent auction, the talent show, volunteering to work at camp, contributing for a camper scholarship, donating snacks, hauling camp equipment to and from camp, making the awards and the list goes on forever. Without each and every one of you camp wouldn't happen. The reason for Camp Win Johnson is to make new Disciples of Christ and that appears to be happening.

Thanks to everyone for making Camp Win Johnson a success year after year!

The Camp Win Johnson Committee - any questions please contact Patrick McCarthy (209) 966-2247 (please leave a message) or e-mail
Thanks to all of you for your ongoing support for our mission of Camp Win Johnson – in
making new Disciples of Christ.

Patrick McCarthy, Director and the Camp Committee

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